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Dremel Desk Fan (3D printed)

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Personal Solo Project

Skills Developed 





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3D Printing

This desk fan was designed in an evening to use a Dremel 3000 and some simple yet robust 3D printed parts.

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This Dremel fan was designed one evening at the start of a week long heatwave that affected London in late June 2020. After the first, and coldest day of the heat wave, I decided I wanted a fan to help keep me cool whilst working from home. 

I had a browse in the evening online of various fans but decided against purchasing one. The reason for this is 3-fold. Firstly, I wanted one asap, and by the time I was looking for one I had missed most next-day delivery options. Secondly, I try not to buy new items, instead preferring to purchase used goods to minimise environmental damage (from manufacturing) and items going into landfill. Thirdly (and this is also linked to the second point) I am still in the student economic mindset, as I only finished my degree 3 weeks ago, thus I didn’t want to purchase a standard/boring fan for ~£40 and certainly didn’t have the budget for a >£249 Dyson fan.

The parts were designed in Fusion360 and in such a way that they would not require supports when printing. This posed a problem when designing the rotor blades, with the top side being a complex curve, and the rear being a 40 degree overhang (possible on a Prusa MK3s). The clamp mechanism uses M3 bolts and some brass M3 inserts melted into the plastic to ensure the Dremel is secure

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