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Current Employment

Tewke - London, England

September 2020 - Present 


I joined Tewke to lead the engineering team where we are revolutionising the energy and IoT technology industry, by bringing control and understanding of energy usage to 100% of devices within the home. As the product engineering moved to completion I moved to an operations role, co-ordinating with suppliers, investors and overseeing the different teams as the company grew. With by broad technical, design and operations background I am in a unique position to oversee the product development and role out of Tewke.


COO: Jan 2023-Present


Product Design and Engineering Lead: Sept 2020- Dec 2022


Imperial College LondonEngland
October 2016 – June 2020

MEng in Design Engineering at the Dyson School of Design Engineering.

"Design engineering is the fusion of design thinking and engineering knowledge and practice, within an innovation and enterprise culture. It concerns the design of products, services, systems, as well as experiences and artefacts relevant to designing and enabling modern society and the society of tomorrow." -


1st Year - Engineering Analysis (Mechanics, Electronics, Energy and Design), Computing, Communication in Design, Materials and Production and Engineering Mathematics

2nd Year - Physical Computing, Computing 2, Computer Aided Engineering, Mechanics 2, Electronics 2 and Engineering Design.

3rd Year - Robotics, Future Retail, Strategic Management, Design led Innovation, Industrial Placement (6 months) and Enterprise Management and Accounting.

4th Year - Audio Engineering, Design for Additive Manufacture, Enterprise Roll Out, Sensing and IoT, Optimisation and Final Year Solo Project.


Past Employment

Microsoft - Cambridge, England

June 2020 - September 2020


Hardware Design and Engineering Research

Working with the Microsoft Research teams based in Cambridge and Redmond, USA, to design consumer products and develop emerging technologies. 

Coutts - London, England

April 2019 - September 2019


Design Engineering - Hardware & Software

During my time at Coutts I focused on 2 key areas - designing and manufacturing a new device for international conference calls and on digital services to help the bank interact with relevant parties more efficiently. At the end of my placement I had built a final hardware prototype for conference calls, and had developed 2 online portals.


FormaPlex - Portsmouth, England

July 2018 - September 2018


Production Engineering

Whilst working for FormaPlex, I  independently created multiple jigs for manufacturing sub-assemblies for companies such as Mclaren and Jaguar Land Rover. I also worked on making the manufacturing process more efficient.

Phasix ESD - Alton, England

August 2015 - December 2015

Laboratory technician

"Phasix ESD is an established semiconductor device ESD test centre. Our mission is to be a centre of excellence for ESD testing allowing our customers to obtain rapid, accurate ESD test results for device qualification and characterisation." -



P&G Innovation Competition - Winner

January 2019


Product Design and Innovation

In January 2019 I was selected to participate in a competition organised by the research and development team at P&G. I worked within small team to come up with a product concept to complement one of their brands. With 3 other students from EIE, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, we develop a toothbrush which would clean all your teeth simultaneously in 15 seconds. Working with students from different disciplines and receiving feedback from P&G’s engineers was an fantastic experience.

Grantham Institute.png

Grantham Institute - Sustainable Water Bottle Design - Winner

June 2018

Sustainable Packaging 

We were challenged to design and develop a new and environmentally sustainable water bottle as well as the brand for it. I worked with a colleague to create a bottle which would tessellate to maximise transport efficiency. We also created a brand targeted towards university students and the iconic shape of the hexagonal bottle. 


 Dyson School  

 of Design  


 Desire Award    

Dyson School of Design Engineering Desire Award - Finalist 

March 2018

Sustainable Packaging 

Packaging has a very large impact on the environment for something that is only used once, especially if it contains plastic. Billions of shampoo sachets are used every year globally and the majority of them find their way into the oceans. To tackle this problem I developed a sachet using a polymer made from seaweed which dissolves in the water once used. This means that instead of plastic sachets finding their way back into the sea only seaweed ones do. For this design concept and prototype I was a finalist in the prestigious Desire Award at Imperial College London. 

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