Where the Sahara meets the Atlantic

In 2020 I graduated with a masters in Design Engineering from Imperial College London. Whilst studying, I realised that even with the most rigorous engineering behind a product, people wont want to use it unless it has good design to back it up, making it not only easy to use, but enjoyable too. This is what now guides me when designing anything, from an interactive exhibit to a consumer device. 

I love to work on physical products, ensuring the design is as robust as possible, whilst making sure it is a pleasure to use. During my internships at companies such as Coutts I have been able to work on real world and shipable products and practice CAD, my design and engineering skills as well as work within inter-disciplinary teams. 

Whilst not working I love to challenge myself, from running ultra-marathons to crossing the Sahara desert. I find the process of not being able to do something, and then working to be able to do it incredibly rewarding and this is what gets me up in the morning.