ADDANT - Team Project

Skills Developed 

CAD - Solidworks



Design for Manufacture



Team Members

Rowan Dixon

Emily Branson

Michael Hofmann

Ryan Dai

The multi-purpose can opener by ADDANT was the final product of an Engineering Design project. The aim of the project was to create a product and a brand from scratch. The main function of the product had to be based around a battery powered electric motor and the product had to be hand held.

The initial idea was developed by observing friends and family struggling to open sealed jars, even when aided by a mechanical device. We wanted to create an affordable product that was able to be used by everyone, even if they had poor dexterity, such as the elderly. 

The team started by creating concept sketches and by talking to the target user group to better understand the needs that the product would have to meet. Then several blue foam models were made to experiment with different hand sizes and methods of gripping the casing of the product.

For more information on the ADDANT project, please download the presentation boards at the link to the left.

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