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Dancing Segway


As part of systems and control in Electronics 2, we had to build and program a 2 wheeled robot to self balance, which could also analyse music 'live' and dance to it.

Team:           Rowan Dixon   |   Neel Le Penru   |   Anusha Sonthalia   |   Ellie Peatman   

Skills Developed 





We had 4 weeks to build the robot from a circuit board, motor, gyroscope and accelerometer, which were provided to us, so that all groups of 4 had the same starting point. We firstly had to build the robot, before we could start writing a program using PID control to make it self balance. This had to be 'tuned' so that the values would work for the specific geometry of the robot. Once we had managed to do this, we create 10 pre-programmed 'dance moves' which would be activated depending on the type of beat that was analysed from the music.

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