Dragon Capsule Landing Gear

Team:           Rowan Dixon   |   Minal Choudhary   |   Alfie Thompson   |   Gareth Jones  

Skills Developed 




We were challenged to design legs for a landing gear mechanism for SpaceX's dragon casual. There were several constraints which were:

- A maximum of 240m of material was allowed to be used

- Each beam was not allowed to be longer than 4m in length

- The structure had to be 5m off the ground

- A minimum of a 15 degree draft angle had to be used

- The applied load on the structure is equal to 1 tonne 

To the left is a GIF of our structure under the required load showing that the structure will not break. On the right is the breaking point of the structure, which was at 1.8x the required impact load. (Deformation is exaggerated) 

Time lapse of the team building a scale model

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