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Next Expedition

After the success of the 2019 North West Africa over landing expedition I will be leading a plastic research project from London to Cape Town surveying coastal ocean plastic. This research will hopefully enable a greater understanding of the global plastic crisis and help research groups around the world.

For more information please click the below link (logo)


2019 North West Africa 

In the summer of 2019, with 6 weeks notice, I lead an expedition  across the Sahara, twice. The idea had been concieved 6 weeks before departure, however we didn't have a vehicle, let alone one capable of crossing a desert, and at the time, the team was spread out across Europe and the US. Thankfully we had managed to get everything into place several days before departure. We drove through France and Spain to Morocco, and then headed south through Western Sahara, and Mauritania before arriving in Senegal and driving to the Gambia. During the expedition we encountered large amounts of plastic waste along the Atlantic coastline which has inspired us to return in the future to perform in-depth research into the plastic pollution along the coastline. 

2017 Elbrus 

In 2017 myself and a team of 9 other mountaineers attempted to climb Mt Elbrus in southern Russia. Over the cause of the 3 week expedition we encountered severe weather conditions during the 4 day window for the summit push. This unfortunately resulted in the team not reaching the summit, instead reaching an altitude of 5300m (Elbrus summit 5642m). 

2016 Alps

In July 2016 I lead a small expedition party of 3 to the Chamonix valley for 2.5 weeks. During this expedition the team completed 5 self supported multi day summit attempts, including summiting Mt Blanc in 38 hours. This was the first expedition I had led and it provided the perfect starting point for learning how to organise people and logistics in foreign environments. This expedition may have only been to the alps, but it sparked a desire to do more and is what has led me to travel to places I had never heard of. 

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