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A good product is very difficult to sell if it doesn't have an easily identifiable brand logo to go along with it. These are some that I have developed for personal projects as well as for friends.

AnDblack and white.png
A and d sketch.png
A and d 4.png

2 friends from school approached me to make a logo for their Instagram account, focusing on technology and travel. They didn't want it to be called 'Alex and David' so they decided to call themselves  A and D. They didnt want to use the normal social media colours such as blue, but still wanted to make a statement, which is why a flash of bright yellow was chosen to help stand out on consumers social media feeds.


pod is a clip on flashing beacon which back country skiers can clip onto their jackets or rucksack so that they can easily be seen by their friends in whiteout conditions. This high output light can have the flashing frequency changed as well as its colour. pod wanted their logo to be simplistic and modern, with as little 'faff' as possible so that it could work as a grey scale logo, or in any other bright colour. After showing them a couple of designs they really liked the 'blue sky' colour as it fitted with their brand image of viability when skiing. 

3 dot 2.png
3 dot 3.png
3 dot 4.png

3 people I met through scouting were thinking about setting up a photography store in the south of England. They wanted a bold modern logo for when they launched their business but it had to reference back to old fashioned camera companies. The font is reminiscent of old fashioned hard stamped cameras whilst the 3 dots symbolise the 3 friends and the large video focus their store has.


Fetch and Alp Technologies were both done for university group projects. They were made very quickly using just intuition and by utilising bold colours to stand out. FETCH is a delivery service company, and ALP Technology is for an affordable range of outdoors clothing. 

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