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Wifi tracking and weather monitoring - Solo Project

Skills Developed 



For our sensing and IoT module we were tasked with sensing and collecting data from two different data sources. I decided I wanted to track when members of my student house were home, and whether the weather outside affected this.



To monitor the weather outside I used Open Weather Maps as they provide a reliable and free to use API. To track if members of the house hold were home I decided to use nmap, an open source network scanner to monitor whether their individual phones were connected to the house WiFi network. The majority of individuals in the UK always leave with their phones so this was deemed a reasonably reliable way to track if they were home.



The API and WiFI tracking were both run on a Raspberry Pi ZeroW which would scan the WiFi network and call the API every 5 minutes. This information was exported to a CSV file on the Pi and then uploaded to a google sheets document which then enabled graphics to be created and exported to a web page to visualise the data.

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