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Leaux - A sustainable water bottle for the future

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Leaux is a brand and product idea that was born from my frustration of the cost of bottled water. The concept was to create a brand which promoted healthy living and good environmental practice, whilst selling water at the lowest possible price. It was entered into the Imperial Design Engineering competition to design a sustainable water bottle, and won 'Best Brand and Concept'. 

Circular Economy 

As we are controlling the Leaux recycling process, it can be much more efficient. Therefore Leaux bottles can be recycled, remoulded and refilled multiple times. 

On return of a water bottle, 30p shall be deducted from the price of their next bottle. The retailer can then sell the bottle back to us. 

Purchased from stores on Imperial Campus, at a price similar to One Water. Approx. £1.00.

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Leaux would locally source water. For Imperial college, finding a supplier that works off the Thames is essential.

Bottled at a plant local to water to production to reduce the carbon footprint due to transport.

Locally sourced water reduces carbon footprint and transport cost.

For the slide deck please download the PDF for more information on LEAUX

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