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Roupell L1 - Solo Project

Skills Developed 




Design for Manufacture

Roupell L1 is a filament desk lamp which has been constructed out of waste copper piping. This, along with the E27 filament bulbs creates a retro-classic design which is suitable for a modern workspace.

The use of copper piping lends itself to the feel of the lamp as well as its visual aesthetics. Due to the extensive use of metal in the construction, the lamp it is incredibly robust, enabling a long lifespan for the device. 

To enable ease of switching the lamp on and off a floor button switch was wired into the 4m long braided power cable. The switch is 1.2m from the lamp, allowing for the average desk height of 0.73cm and variations on positioning the lamp on a surface. 


Mk 1

final lamp.jpg

Mk 2

Prototyping & Assembly

Prototyping and manufacture was performed at home mainly with the use of a Dremel 3000 which enabled accurate cutting of the copper piping and sanding/polishing of components. Different lengths of copper were cut to try out different shapes which had been sketched out prior to the building phase.

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