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 - (Socket Speaker System) - Solo Project


Skills Developed 

Industrial Design

System Design


S3 is a home speaker system designed for people who want a minimalist and premium home audio experience. Instead of using wireless communication such as WiFi or Bluetooth it utilises the internal power cabling of the home to reduce cost and latency except for the Hub.

Each module is made from a billet of aluminium with precision drilled holes to allow audio to pass unimpaired from the 40mm internal drivers. 


- 40mm drivers in main modules

- 40mm drivers and 20mm tweeter in S+ module 

- Assign each module to a room through the pair button       and app

- Minimal latency by using powerline communication

- Tempered glass face plate

- Glowing status indicator

- Machined ventilation slots to reduce pressure and aid       cooling

- Modular design to allow for ease of maintenance and         recyclability

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