- Seaweed Based Packaging for the Service industry

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Svanir is a the end result of a design project where I created a brand and product solution for the service industry. It is based on a polymer made entirely from seaweed. 

Every year 400 billion shampoo/shower gel sachets are used by the service industry in hotels across the world. Due to their design, such as the materials, and pigments used, they are very difficult to recycle. This means that they either end up in landfill, or in nature. I wanted to create a brand and product that was intuitive to use, and instantly recognisable. 

This was done by making Svanir a minimalist brand, and utilising the muted colours as part of the brand image.

Initial prototyping was done with packaging made from potato starch. I used it to start to think about how a brand and product could be developed around materials which were sourced from organic mass. 

I then moved on to creating the packaging from a polymer made of seaweed. This would dissolve quickly when immersed in warm (40C) water. This meant in a shower it could be dropped and it would dissolve back into the water system and go out to sea, which is where it originated.

The seaweed polymer was easy to create into the sachets as it could be printed on and heat sealed. This meant creating the end product was very easy to do reliably.

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