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WeBe - Autonomous One Person Vehicle


Team:           Rowan Dixon     |     Oliver Hoare     |     Gabriele D'amone     |     Matthew Last    |    Jacob Tan

Skills Developed 











WeBe is a future concept of what one person autonomous pods might look like in the future. It focused on the end to end user experience, from booking the pod, to stepping out at the destination.

Our concept was to create a vehicle that made the daily commute as stress free as possible. This was accomplished by designing fool-proof and straight forward interactive controls. The height of the ceiling of the vehicle had to be easy for users to access the pod, but not so tall that it affected the stability of the vehicle. 

The interior of the pod has 4 main features.

- The seat was designed to be as comfortable as possible and has a 16-point massage system, integrated within it.

- The work space is positioned in the pod to allow the passenger to use a laptops or other devices on a desk, whilst moving, with the ability to charge the device from a 3-pin socket.

- The right-hand side of the pod, is a holographic interface with a very simple user interface (UI). This was decided upon as it meant no desk space is lost to a screen. The UI can move with the user as they lean back and relax or as they work on the desk.

- The panoramic glass roof can have its opacity changed. It can brighten or darken the interior. The panoramic roof was installed to make the pod more spacious, as it originally felt slightly claustrophobic to some users during testing.

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