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ZoomBot - Solo Project

Skills Developed 





Design for Manufacture

ZoomBot is a portable and autonomous device designed to augment the video conferencing experience. It uses an array of 5 omni-directional microphones to point the users phone camera at the individual talking. This creates a more interactive experience for the group using the device and their colleague on the other end of that call.

ZoomBot was developed one day a week over three months during a summer placement at Coutts as a side project. The inspiration for the device came after having team Zoom meetings with the software development team in Zurich. Often a team member in Zurich would use their phone to host the call as the rooms with the large Zoom screen and camera setup were not always available. Often the phone would be propped up against a coffee mug at the end of the desk meaning that the team members calling into the group meeting could not always see who was speaking. 

ZoomBot tackles this problem and successfully makes videocalls more interactive whilst utilising the technology in everyone's pockets. By using the microphones, camera, processor and wifi chips already inside users phones the cost was able to be kept to the minimum, making this device very cost effective in comparison to other products on the market.



180 Degree operation range

20,000 mAh Capacity (15 hours of operational time)

5 microphone array

180-400mm Height adjustable

Magnetic hinge locking mechanism


Micro USB Rechargeable (up to 2.4 Amps)

53-86mm Phone gripper range

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